Graphic floor


Commissioned by MAF, I designed a graphic interplay of lines on the floors of the hall and corridors in TASC, a new Amsterdam VMBO vocational school for technology. I also designed the room numbering in the building.
Technology in a broad sense was an important starting point for the design. The lines and shapes used on the floors were made with existing industrial line materials and pictograms and give you the feeling of being in an industrial hall.
The different zones in the school were each given their own approach in form, color and detailing. The colors of the lines leading to the different wings in the building match the colors of the lockers in those locations.
Different solutions and details can be experienced: for the entrances to the classrooms, I designed rectangles that indicate that it is forbidden to stand there; the doors in the corridors act as an imaginary switch that connects the continuous lines; the stairs where students present their work are marked by blue flared and interrupted lines; for the main hall, I designed two playing figures, and around the support pillars are so-called storage location markers mounted. Since a student needs to get from A to B as quickly as possible during a school day, I also designed the 'elephant paths'.
The design for the room numbering is based on systems used in warehouses to label products.

Photography: Thijs Wolzak and Stroomberg